Ezekiel 29-30

Daily Devotional from Ezekiel 29--

Verse 3
Behold, I am against you, Pharaoh king of Egypt, the great dragon that lies in the midst of his streams, that says, ‘My Nile is my own; I made it for myself.’

Egypt had many encounters with God in their history, but they always rejected Him. Not only were there many gods, but they saw their Pharaoh as a deity. When Pharaoh claimed He was the creator of the Nile he was making a false claim about his own power, and was choosing to worship himself.

While this is a claim about creation, many of us have seen people take credit for thing when it should’ve gone to God. The reality is the only reason we are able to live this life is because of the breath that God has put in our lungs. Sometimes it’s a temptation to take pride in our own talents, accomplishments, or growth. But, we should always remember that the only reason any of that can take place is because of our Creator.

Today, listen to the song “Great Are You Lord” by All Sons and Daughters. Take the temptation to be “self exalting” and return the breath God has given to you as a fragrant aroma of worship to Him.

Annika Sullenger