Building Community - 

1. Gathering – Sundays are when we hold our family gathering. We come together weekly to receive life from God’s Word, the holy sacraments, and the gathered assembly. This is the starting point of building a life-giving community. You can join us by making our Sunday gathering a weekly priority.
2. Small Group – Meaningful relationships may start on Sundays but certainly deepen in a smaller setting. You can join us by participating in a fellowship group and practicing hospitality, through the form of a shared meal, time together over a cup of coffee, and/or other activities.
3. One-on-One – Personal connections are important in building a community. And there is something special when this happens intergenerationally. Therefore, you can join us by engaging in intergenerational friendships for the purpose of mutual encouragement, support, and discipleship.

Mobilizing Outreach -

4. Personal Sphere – One of the primary reasons we exist as a church is to disperse through our communities and workplaces bringing the good news of Jesus. You can join us by building relationships inter-culturally and being Spirit-led for the purpose of shining the light through good deeds and gospel conversations.
5. City – In the East County, we are surrounded by many who are suffering economic hardship and lack the resources to care for their growing families. You can join us by helping stock and distribute diapers through our Diaper Depot and considering to meet community needs through agencies such as SnowCap and Love INC.
6. World– The entire world needs the good news of Jesus. Therefore, we will send people, and partner with others who have been sent to the nations. You can join us by financially supporting global missions and participating in missionary care as we relate with our global partners.

Cultivating Worship -

7. Bible– In a fast-paced society it is important to never lose track of Jesus. One of the best ways of doing that is designating time to meditate on God’s Word. You can join us by participating in our Bible reading program, listening to the Word of Christ and sharing your insights with others.
8. Prayer – Apart from Jesus we can do nothing. Therefore, as a congregation, we are determined to stay connected to our source of life, bringing our needs to the Father and receiving grace through his Spirit. You can join us by participating in our Sunday and monthly prayer gatherings.
9. Praise and Proclamation – Every time we gather, we do it to exalt Jesus Christ, our risen savior. We do this primarily through Holy Spirit-empowered worship and  preaching. You can join us by preparing your hearts to respond to the beauty of Jesus through the proclaimed Word and the gathered assembly.
HUMILITY: We accept weaknesses because they require us to depend on God.
INTEGRITY: We celebrate character because it serves as the foundation for ministry.
LOVE: We embrace humanity because God loves all ages, all races, all kinds of people.
Your investment in prayer, service, and financial contributions will make this mission a reality.
We invite you to join us!