Joshua 14-16

Daily Devotional from Joshua 14--

Verse 14
Hebron became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh.
It makes sense that Hebron would go to Caleb. Hebron was a significant place. Some 500 years prior to this, Abraham purchased it to bury his wife, Sarah. And eventually all the patriarchs were buried there. Therefore, when the spies (of which Caleb was one) came into the promised land they immediately came to Hebron (Num. 13:22), no doubt, to pay honor to their ancestors. And what a sacred moment that must have been – recalling the promise that God made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob while standing at their tomb. However, as they looked around, the land was crawling with giants and all of them failed to believe that God was able to make good on his word…except Caleb!
So, 45 years later, it’s fitting that the very place Abraham laid claim to would now be entrusted to Caleb. What legacy of faith are you picking up and carrying forward today?

Demetrius Rogers