John 9

Daily Devotional from John 9--

Verse 25

[The man born blind] answered, “Whether or not [Jesus is] a sinner, I don’t know. One thing I do know: I was blind, and now I can see!”

Another way to express this man’s words is “I was one way, and now I’m different.” 

If you know Jesus, you understand this deeply. 

This man’s encounter with Jesus changed his life. For his entire life, he was told that either his sin or his parents' sin caused his blindness. When Jesus healed him, everyone around him demanded an explanation because there was no way his blindness could have been cured. 

But then he met Jesus. His life turned from one of darkness to one of light in more ways than one! At the end of chapter 9, he professed faith in Jesus as the Messiah. 

Encountering Jesus will change your life. You may be feeling stuck, down, hopeless, depressed, misunderstood, etc., but Jesus wants to open your eyes to his good news that the Messiah is here, now, with you. And he wants to turn your world upside down. Are you ready for different? 

Robin Miller

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