Acts 7

Daily Devotional from Acts 7--

Now when they heard these things they were enraged, and they ground their teeth at him.

Stephen was one of the seven chosen by the apostles to take care of practical needs of believers, while the apostles devoted themselves to prayer and ministry of the Word. Yet, full of the Holy Spirit, Stephen was working many signs and wonders, spreading the good news, making converts and upsetting the Jewish leaders.  

They brought him before the Council accusing him blasphemy.

After Stephen reviewed the entire history of the chosen people and their rejection of the Messiah, their response was to reject the truth and murder the messenger.

When truth is revealed, there are three common responses: ignoring the message, anger and rejection of the message, or humble acceptance of the message.  

As we follow God’s promptings to share this message with others, it is not our responsibility to see that people accept.  When Stephen shared his spiritual insights with the leaders, he left the results up to God. So should we.

Rick Bolesta