Mark 13

Daily Devotional from Mark 13--

Verse 18
Pray that it may not happen in winter.

In this chapter, Jesus was teaching His disciples about end-time tribulations. In the midst of describing these future events, Jesus asked them to pray these events didn’t happen in winter, since there would be no time to get a cloak for warmth.

Jesus did not ask His disciples to pray just to give them something to do. He asked them to pray because prayers, if they fit into God’s gracious plan, have the power to move Him to change unfavorable circumstances.

When you face desperate times in your life, don’t forget to pray and expect that God hears and answers your prayers. Do your best to face and meet your challenges, but depend on His help.  Sometimes that’s the only thing left you can do. Then rest in His arms as a child rests in the arms of a loving parent.

Rick Bolesta