Matthew 17

Daily Devotional from Matthew 17--

Verse 7
Jesus came up, touched them, and said, ‘Get up; don’t be afraid.’

It seems that fear is at the forefront of everything these days. We’re all afraid of so many things in our world today, and it seems as if we learn that there is something new to be feared every day. It breeds so many other issues like anxiety and discontentment. 

Jesus says: Don’t be afraid. 

The disciples had just experienced the all-consuming—all powerful—overwhelming voice of God and it terrified them. 

Yet Jesus says: Don’t be afraid. 

Jesus is asking that we trust him. Trust his goodness. Trust his timing. Trust in him with everything we have. 

If you have a worry, Pray it. If you have something you’re afraid of—pray it. Hand it to Jesus every day. 

Robin Miller