2 Corinthians 6

Daily Devotional from 2 Corinthians 6--

Verse 2
Behold, now is the favorable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

Carpe Diem is a Latin phrase that means seize the day. More literally it means pluck the day.

Yes! Pluck the day for it is ripe. You can’t pluck yesterday because it’s beyond ripe. You can’t pluck tomorrow because it’s not quite ripe. But you can pluck today because there’s fruit that hangs from the tree. There’s no looking back. There’s no looking ahead. Make the best of where you are and what you have. Each day is God’s gift, and this day has been given to you. If salvation is dangling before, if growth is sitting before your eyes, reach out and grab it. Behold, NOW is the day of salvation.

Demetrius Rogers