John 19

Daily Devotional from John 19--

Verse 2
The soldiers also twisted together a crown of thorns, put it on his head, and clothed him in a purple robe.

A coronation is usually a grand affair. A kingdom-wide celebration of the crowing of a new king. It is big and flashy. It signals to the entire kingdom that a new king or queen is in rule.

But the coronation of Jesus looked different. It was solemn. Dark. It was bloody. A crown of thorns instead of gold. A purple robe. And a sign that communicated his identity “King of the Jews.”

However, Jesus has proved not only to be the king of the Jews but the King of Kings! He alone is worthy of all our allegiance. No person, no politician, and no nation or country should get our loyalty. We are set apart for a different kingdom, for a TRUE king.

As you go about your day, how can you honor Jesus as the true King?

Robin Miller
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