John 17

John 17:11
Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are one.

Jesus prays for us that we would be one, just as the Father, Son and Spirit are one. We call this phenomenon the Trinity—a divine diversity found in unity. And if you were to take a peek inside the Trinity, do you know what you would see? You would see a harmonious, giving, and non-competitive environment where love reigns. And this, my friends, is Jesus’ prayer for the church. Unity without uniformity – we’re different. Distinction without separation – we are one. We know who we are, and we know what we’re not. And we fit together as parts of the body and as pieces of the puzzle. We are one. A dazzling diversity in unity. And this is Jesus’ prayer for the church – different but one.
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