John 16

John 16:7
It is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you.

Imagine if you were on a football team, and your beloved and trusty quarterback has been taken out of the game for the “benefit of the team.” You are in the red zone and the coach suddenly pulls QB1 because he knows that QB2 is best equipped to finish the game. It was a part of the game plan no one saw coming, other than the coach and the two QB’s. It might be hard for the team initially to accept because they have grown accustomed to QB1. But now QB2 takes the field and is moving the sticks. Will the team accept his leadership?
That’s a question for you and me.
As the church, Jesus started as our quarterback, but there’s been a replacement. Oh, Jesus is still immersed in all facets of the game, but he is not on the field. The Holy Spirit is now under center. He’s the one now calling the plays, reading the defense, and putting the ball in the air. And the team could not be in a better position.
He’s with us church, and he’s leading us down the field.
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