Acts 10

Daily Devotional from Acts 10--

Verse 28b
…but God has shown me that I should not call any person common or unclean.
This thought was revolutionary to the Jews. Not only was Jesus for them—He was for the whole world. Those of us who aren’t Jewish people were not excluded from the promises of God. That’s pretty exciting!
It’s easy to put people in ‘otherness’ boxes. “Oh, he’ll never become a Christian—he’s just a drunk!” “Those type of people aren’t to be associated with.” “How can I talk to them about the Gospel they’re a Muslim!” We limit others and keep ourselves from sharing the best news in the world because of our own preconceived notions. But the Bible shows us that the Holy Spirit is at work in the most unexpected places.
Today, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you where you are ‘othering’ people and avoiding sharing the Good News with them. And then, look for an opportunity to share the Gospel!
Annika Sullenger