Luke 18

Daily Devotional from Luke 18--

Verses 38-39
So [the blind beggar] called out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Then those in front told him to keep quiet, but he kept crying out all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!”

When one of our senses is lost, others are heightened to compensate. This blind man sat on the road, begging of travelers. He couldn’t see them—but he could hear them. How many conversations had he heard about this man, Jesus, and his miracles, and the possibility that he may be the Messiah they were waiting for?

One day, he heard that Jesus was about to pass by him. A rush of hope overtook him and he cried out for Jesus! All sense of propriety went out the window. No one could quiet him. His hope and faith were placed in Jesus that day and he was healed.

Maybe you’ve been in a dark place and you wonder if there is any hope for you. Like this blind man, all you have to do is cry out to Jesus. He WILL give you mercy and grace. You will find your eyes opened to new life in him.

Robin Miller