Luke 8

Daily Devotional from Luke 8--

Verse 18a
Therefore take care of how you listen…

Sometimes, when we listen, we’re just waiting to say what we want to say, without truly hearing what the other person is saying. And sometimes we only hear what we want to hear, instead of hearing what is actually being said. We do it with other people, and if you’re like me, you do it with God as well.

Jesus was just explaining that all that is hidden will be revealed, but some who hear may not understand. Truth has been given to us through God’s word! But how are we listening to it? Are we the seed that falls on the path or thorns? Or the seed that falls into the good soil?

How we listen will either lead to flourishing life or it will lead to nothing fruitful in our lives (for ourselves or others).

The Holy Spirit is speaking to you. Are you ready to listen?

Robin Miller