Judges 13-14

Daily Devotional from Judges 13--

Verses 17-19
And Manoah said to the angel of the Lord, “What is your name, so that, when your words come true, we may honor you?” And the angel of the Lord said to him, “Why do you ask my name, seeing it is wonderful?” So Manoah took the young goat with the grain offering, and offered it on the rock to the Lord, to the one who works wonders, and Manoah and his wife were watching.

There is one who works wonders and He alone is worthy of our praise. We are not to accept the worship of men but to direct their praise to God, the great I AM. You see the angels doing this as well as both Paul and Peter when men try to give them their praise.

It’s okay for someone to tell you “good job.” We don’t need to have false humility, but it is so important people know where the anointing comes from and if you have the Holy Spirit in you, you are anointed, my friends. Be bold and courageous, do not be afraid, step out, God is with you.

Brendan League