Leviticus 23-24

Daily Devotional from Leviticus 23--

Verse 2
These are the appointed feasts of the Lord that you shall proclaim as holy convocations.
What would it look like if we stopped and celebrated more? As Americans, we just keep the pedal to the metal and don’t stop nearly enough.
But I like how God instructed Israel to do it. If you were to add up all the holidays listed in chapter 23, you would have 18 days. And if you were to add Hanukkah and Purim (festivals recognized later) you would tack on 10 more. And this is not to mention the Sabbath, which was the equivalent of a weekly holiday. Add up all these holidays and you have exactly 80 days a year! That’s over 22% of the time devoted to festivities!
All this to say, God loves to party. Festivities and food. Celebration and rest. Memorializing and remembering. God loves it all. So, yes, work hard, but, as the people of God, we need to find a way to stop and celebrate much more than we do.

Demetrius Rogers