Leviticus 7-8

Daily Devotional from Leviticus 7--

Verses 31-33
The priest shall burn the fat on the altar, but the breast shall be for Aaron and his sons. And the right thigh you shall give to the priest as a contribution from the sacrifice of your peace offerings. Whoever among the sons of Aaron offers the blood of the peace offerings and the fat shall have the right thigh for a portion.

Since Bible times, the priests have been fed and provided for through the tithes and offerings of the people of God. Even today if it weren’t for faithful givers like you, ministers would be out of work - there would be no full-time ministry. All the outreach local churches do is fueled through you and all the others who feel the joy of giving.

The tithe is a sign of faith but it is also a simple way to partner with what God is doing. For example, when we give to missionaries, they are able to love and share with people we could never reach! We can partner to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ reach all nations, all people, all races just by giving!

Brendan League