Exodus 37-39

Daily Devotional from Exodus 39--
Verse 43
And Moses saw all the work, and behold, they had done it; as the LORD had commanded, so they had done it.
Extravagant—that’s how I would describe the final result of the Tent of Meeting. The Israelites worked hard to follow all that God had commanded in the building of the temple—especially the craftsmen, designers, and perfumers. The end result was a place to gather and worship God.
What creative gifting has God given you? Whether it’s being creative in the arts, with the pen, through craftsmanship, administration, or critical thinking—let’s use our hands, our minds, and our words to serve and worship Jesus with everything we have. Because, although the Tabernacle was lavished with beauty, our Jesus and His love, grace and sacrifice is far more extravagant.
Annika Sullenger