Exodus 22-24

Daily Devotional from Exodus 23--

Verse 10
Six days you shall do your work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.

Some songs have no rhythm. Everything just bleeds together. Non-stop work has no rhythm. Fitting everything in your schedule has no rhythm. Saying yes to every opportunity has no rhythm. But a cadence of creation was set in place back in Genesis 1-2. And in order to move to the music you must learn a little dance called, ‘Six Steps and a Stop.’

This, however, was not the music of Egypt. The music of bondage was all steps and no stops. The production schedule was relentless. It was an unsabbathed culture.  However, Yahweh, in verse 10, reminds Israel that he had delivered them from such cruel demands. And he’s also delivered you! So, if you need to, recover your rhythm. You’re not in Egypt anymore. Take a day off where you can stop and rest. Then take six more steps and do it all again.  

Demetrius Rogers

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