Genesis 40-42

Daily Devotional from Genesis 40--

Verse 4
The captain of the guard appointed Joseph to be with them, and he attended them. They continued for sometime in custody.
How much lower can you go? Joseph has been sold into slavery, falsely accused of wrongdoing, thrown unjustly in prison, and now he is assigned to serve the servants in the prison! You'd never know it by his attitude though. I'm sure Joseph poured his heart out to God in prayer, as we should. When life gives you lemons, do you walk around and complain to everyone that you got lemons when you wanted pomegranates? Or do you take what you got, sweeten it with a contrite spirit and a good attitude, and make something that you can serve a friend as a refreshment to their weary soul? Joseph made the best of his situation and continued to praise God to those around him. Let's be inspired by Joseph today, to speak words of life to those around us even when we are in the midst of what seems like just a plain unfair bummer!

Audrey Rogers
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