John 4

John 4:4
He had to pass through Samaria.

He had to pass through Samaria? Was it the only way to go? No. He had to pass through Samaria, because he was compelled to do so. Jesus desired to reach ALL KINDS of people. And he was willing to cross cultural lines to get to them. 
The typical route for the Jew of Jesus’ Day was around Samaria. The typical route was avoidance. Those who are radically different from us we tend to avoid. 
Now who would be modern-day Samaritans for us? Maybe homosexuals? Muslims? Atheists? And why do we avoid them? Well, we disagree with them and, perhaps, disapprove of them. Maybe we fear their influence. But look at the route Jesus took. There was no avoiding, and there was no steering clear. He sought direct contact. 
What would that look like for us today? If we are following Jesus, you can bet he will take us through Samaria.
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