Isaiah 25-27

Daily Devotional from Isaiah 26--

Verse 12 (CSB)
Lord, you will establish peace for us, for you have also done all our work for us.
Peace is so refreshing. The absence of tension, of anxiety, of anything that makes us crazy.

There’s a particular restlessness that comes with feeling the need to perform for God. We try to please him, try to make him happy, work hard to be honorable in his sight.

But that is a pipe dream. No amount of effort will ever meet God’s Holy standards. We cannot remove the stench of sin no matter how hard we try.

Yet God still established peace for us, and through Jesus, has done all the work for us, and we can rest confidently in his goodness because the work Jesus did makes us holy before God. We are made clean by Jesus, through no effort of our own.

When God looks at you, he sees the righteousness of Jesus. And no amount of sin could ever stain his holy glory over you. Find rest in that peace and in HIS good work.

Robin Miller