Leviticus 5-6

Daily Devotional from Leviticus 6--

Verse 6:18b
Anything that touches the [grain] offerings will become holy.
Verse 6:27a
Anything that touches the [sin] offerings will become holy.

Purity laws in the Old Testament can sometimes seem crazy. If you touch or come into contact with an “unclean” thing, its “unclean” status has been imparted onto you. The only way to make yourself “clean” is to follow the careful instructions of washing and sacrifice. The interesting thing about the grain and sin offerings is that they (being the most holy of all offerings) made “holy” anything that touched them.

All of us have a status of “unclean” before God. But Jesus, becoming the sin offering, has touched us and has imparted his “holy” status to us and we can never become “unclean” again. And he is asking us to do the same for our neighbors through spreading the gospel and making disciples. Who is one person you can share this good news with today? Take a moment, pray for them, and take a step of faith to share this good news.

Robin Miller